About Us

Wes, the owner of DIYFOODPLOTPRO, has a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, is a full-time farmer, and whitetail deer outfitter. Clarks River Whitetails LLC is an 1800 acre whitetail hunting outfit located in West Kentucky where baiting is illegal. Wes believes that feeding whitetails quality nutrition throughout the year is a win win. It increases the hunter's odds of a killing a mature buck and benefits the entire deer herd through a variety of proteins, carbs, and fats. A high quality food plot of the most preferred food sources keeps deer on your farm for longer periods of time. It also leads to more enjoyable hunts when large numbers of deer are utilizing the food plot regularly. Throughout the years Wes has helped countless people have more success with food plots by interpreting soil analysis, providing fertilizer, seed, and seed treatment recommendations. He will be with you every step of the way with instructions on how to plant and set the food plot up for maximum whitetail usage. Let Wes take all the guess work out of food plots. He will help you achieve success!