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Many folks have reached out expressing interest in a on site visit for their hunting farm.  Wes is busy farming, and food plotting for the outfitter but he has decided to offer a limited amount of site visits. During the on site visits Wes will walk the entire property and will develop a plan to effectively hunt the property. The plan will consist of food plots, food plot placement, tree plantings, access, cover, TSI, diversity, and blind and stand placement. If you decide a site visit is the right step for you, you will receive the FREE Yearly Subscription at no additional cost... a $250 value. If you are Intrested in this service go to contact us and shoot us a email for pricing and availability. 
When building a hunting/habitat farm plan, Wes realizes that the window to make improvements such as habitat and food plots is short, so you can expect to have the detailed binder in your hands in 2 weeks or less from the farm visit. While Implementing the plan, questions are bound to come up, Wes will always be a phone call away to help clients with questions about their plans or food plots. 

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